Chronic Degenerative Diseases affect a large portion of our community. Normally inflammation occurs when bacteria or virus are present in the human body. There are certain illnesses that perpetuate themselves into a chronic state which causes degeneration of different tissues, joints, vessels, brain etc through the inflammatory process. HAIMA Stem Cell Therapy offers integrative treatments that include different specialties such as rheumatology, immunology, orthopedics, neurology, internal medicine, etc. and that are focused in alleviating the symptoms brought on by these illnesses and an overall improvement of the patient’s quality of life.

The treatment protocol consists in an immunological treatment that provides balance in this system reducing the inflammatory process and, with the support of the stem cells a regeneration of the affected tissues is promoted. The treatment for Chronic Degenerative diseases should be administered over a certain time-frame, typically one treatment is not enough. It is very important for our team of physicians to study each case conjointly in order to design the best treatment for each patient.

These are some of the diseases that can be treated with stem cells as well as some other areas of treatment:

Cardiovascular Diseases

§ Cardiac insufficiency

Metabolic Diseases

§ Diabetes Mellitus I

§ Diabetes Mellitus II

§ Hepatic Insuffiency

§ Alcohol

§ Congenital

Renal Insufficiency

Immunological Diseases

§ Asthma

§ Arthritis

§ Systemic Lupus

§ Fibromyalgia

§ Other

Neurodegenerative Diseases

§ Parkinson

§ Alzheimer’s

§ Sclerosis

§ Dementia


Injury or Problems in:

§ Eyes

§ Spine

§ Joints

Aesthetic Purposes

§ Face

§ Breast

§ Cellulitis

§ Varicose veins