HAIMA Stem Cell Institute has over 10 years experience in treating patients with cellular therapies that are based on Stem Cells. This vast experience has allowed our team of specialist to develop safe treatment protocols that are highly effective in replacing deteriorated and damaged cells, with new healthy cells, resulting in a remarkable improvement in the functionality of the patient’s organs such as: heart, kidneys, liver, etc. as well as a better and increased physical and sexual performance.

We have treated a great number of patients with the different cellular therapy techniques; in recent years we have included in our treatment protocols cells that are found in fat tissue, these are called Mesenchymal Cells. It’s important to point out that in HAIMA we only use Autologous stem cells, which means that they are cells obtained from the patient’s own body. We collectstem cells from bone marrow though aspiration, peripheral blood by apheresis, and fat tissue through lipo-aspiration, these techniques are the most recognized by the international medical community.

The exclusive use of autologous cells virtually eliminates any possibility of an allergic reaction, infection or transplant rejection. It has been our mission to offer world class treatments that are based on an experienced professional team and state of the art facilities that are equipped with specialized laboratories and cutting edge technology.

When it comes to anti-aging it is human nature to want to look and feel good, this is the reason why most people try to lead a healthy lifestyle that includes as much physical activity as possible and monitoring their diet. While these are essential steps in maintaining a good physical state, the aging of cells is a natural process that will lead to a gradual decrease in the function of our organs and senses.